Discover Gandiol and help us with the construction!

In Hahatay´s philosophy volunteering has a fundamental role for the improvement of projects, providing innovative human and intellectual capabilities, as well as different and enriching perspectives.

Since 2012 Hahatay has performed many volunteering projects in Senegal, receiving more than 100 volunteers from Spain and Senegal. These volunteers have been involved in various projects of Community action within the organization. As an example: Spanish and English classes in school, the construction of a classroom for preschoolers with recycled plastic bottles, or awareness-raising workshops on various topics that help to improve the living conditions of the village.

During the process of construction of the center, we invite volunteers wishing to participate in this project to come to Gandiol. To participate, just send a letter of motivation telling us why you want to participate and what can be your contribution to the project: from an innovative idea, for example about how to build with recycled materials, to your simple motivation and desire of spreading smiles!

Send your motivation letter and let us know your availability: