By being an embassador you will be part of Aminata´s team helping to spread and finance the project. In order to do so, we propose you the following:

Help us with our ¨Piggy banks¨!

Ask us for a piggy bank, build it, and place it wherever it can be feed with the solidarity of those who cross your path!

We recommend a 1month campaign, after which you should count how much you have raised and make a deposit to Aminata´s account with your name.

Help us sell!

We have T-shirts (15 euros), backpacks (8 euros), bracelets (2 euros) and stickers (1 euro). Let´s sell them and fundraise! Ask us as many as you want, make the deposit, and we will send them to the address you indicate.

A simple opportunity of being part of this project!

Choose how to collaborate and send an email to make your command: