News and events

See you soon family!!!

It seems unreal but the farewell is getting closer. Part of our team will say goodbye to Senegal this week, although for us it is more like a “see you soon”, until we meet again. Even so, without having gone yet, we cannot avoid thinking about when we will be back. 3 months have passed [...]

2º Participatory workshop

¡Alhamdoulillah! It’s Saturday already! After the first participatory workshop, we already had Hahatay’s plot in paper nicely colored, so we kept working the rest of the week to organize another joint action. It was the second one, aimed to disseminate the Project and promote the appropriation of the space. This time, we had already some [...]

First participatory workshop: Landscape

As you know, the model of participation designed for the Center is consolidating now that we are in Gandiol. The three lines designed are (1) Design and Construction Workshops, (2) debate sessions with different local collectives and (3) joint actions. Last week we conducted the first participatory workshop with the youth of Gandiol and Hahatay’s [...]

Two months have alredy pass

It’s been two months since we arrived, with great expectations, so much energy, so many ideas to turn into reality, and a different rhythm of life to adapt. Today, we are part of the family, with our Senegalese names and our attempt to dance like Africans. The country of Teranga (hospitality) welcomes with open arms [...]

Fliying time

Days are passing by, the experiences and the exchange are growing, and we are enriching ourselves... On thursday the first team of volunteers of the summer camp 2016 is already flying back home. Time passes by very fast when you make the most out of it! When the activities and the company fill the moments [...]

¡¡¡First Storm!!!

Wednesday, 5 am. A loud sound woke the whole village up at the same time. It sounded like a bomb had fallen on the house. And after it, silence. A silence that kept us in alert and warned us about a storm. And so it was. Few minutes after the strong rain that fall in [...]

Walls built and a curious visitor at the Center

It had been 5 days without internet at home. And leaving aside inevitable concerns with family and job duties, the truth is that a delicious sensation of evasion and disconnection from the world has invaded us. That same disconnection that connects us with the world that we are really living, our world here, now. We [...]

¡¡¡Joint Action!!!!

As we have been telling you, one of the pillars of this project is the participatory process with the community, both in construction and in the management and implementation of the Centre. We are defining together with Hahatay the best way to put in practice this process, nothing simple since it depends on various factors [...]

This week was a week of celebrations here in Gandiol! Bdays, Korité, new arrivals, and of course, the adobes!!!! (also available in english)

This has been a week of celebrations here in Gandiol! Sunday was Thai´s bday, one of the architects of the team that has left everything behind in Brazil to be here, a hardworking and an amazing person, motivating and smiling everyday... Happy Bday Thai! Also, on Tuesday we celebrated Mamadou´s birthday! 33 very well-lived years, [...]

The construction keeps going and the flies’ invasion goes on at the same pace... We have been improving the technique to catch them but it was not really successful... Our favourite technique is to approach them, quietly, with a bowl and then… zas!, catch them. When we manage to catch around 30 flies (best scenario), [...]

It’s the end of June, only three weeks have passed and we already feel that we have been here for a long time. We feel part of this beautiful family that makes us smile every day, in a house which we now call home, or the commune. What an incredible gift from our xarit. She [...]

News from Gandiol

Life goes on in Gandiol. In this new life it is easy to let yourself go: the calm the sea breeze… Very peaceful, but also busy. The door keeps opening and closing and welcoming new smiles, hugs and greetings every day. Full of vitality, but also with free pass for the flies’ parade that has [...]