Sunu Xarit Aminata Cultural Center

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The project

This project aims at the construction of a multipurpose center dedicated primarily to promote non-formal education of young people of Gandiol (Senegal), while at the same time creating a space that encourages the community participation as a tool for sustainable development at all levels.

The Sunu Xarit Aminata Cultural Center, consisting of a library and two multi-purpose classrooms, was designed by the architect Nerea-Pérez Arróspide Navallas and now will be built in her honor posthumously.

The idea was born when Nerea met Mamadou and the both had the same dream: to be the change they wanted to see in the world.

Nerea believed that a school must promote local capabilities since its construction and that its objective should be the creation of a comfortable and suitable environment enabling cultural exchange and values learning processes, going further than formal education.

Construction, maintenance and monitoring of the Centre will be managed by the Association ¨Hahatay son risas de Gandiol¨, the local NGO created by Mamadou and with whom Nerea used to work.

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