In Gandiol there is a lack of spaces for the youth to encounter, to meet and discuss, make good use of time, promote ideas, or even enjoy a safe and healthy leisure. There is not a space where they can access culture freely or where they can propose and carry out activities designed by themselves.

With the aim of contributing to the development of Gandiol, the ¨Sunu Xarit Aminata Cultural Center¨ (Aminata was Nerea´s wolof name and Sunu Xarit means our friend) is an educational project that will promote an empowered youth, more committed and responsible with their environment. The construction will be based on participatory and sustainable architectural techniques, from the conception of the project until its completion, where technical, environmental, social, and cultural knowledge will be exchanged in a reciprocal and non-hierarchical way among community, technicians and managers.

The original concept of the project prepared by Nerea conceives the cultural center to work in a holistic manner, encompassing practices concerning education and culture beyond a simple space to study or keep books.

Sustainability is given by the NGO ¨Hahatay son risas de Gandiol¨, founded in Gandiol, the town where the center will be located and where Nerea worked for more than 3 years.

If you want to know more about Hahatay visit their section! And we have much more to show you! The full dossier, budget, plans and technical drawings… You can access all of this through the content you can download.


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