Nerea firmly believed that architecture cannot emerge as a simple physical mean to reach a goal, but that it should be an empowering, participatory process where technicians and users act as social beings in a joint and harmonious manner. In this way, the community ceases to be seen as a passive or simple beneficiary of a project, to become an essential actor who contributes to the planning, discussion and implementation of ideas.

Nerea understood the methodologies and participatory strategies as a fundamental element for the empowerment of the community and the success of projects over time. Therefore, the construction will be conducted as an educational and participatory process that values the know-how of people of any age who want to contribute to improving the environment and enhancing the use of local resources.

Following this philosophy, the entire process of construction of the center will be accompanied by workshops where the community members have their voice in order to contribute with their own ideas. By allowing the community to participate from the outset of the construction to the management philosophy of the center, we will ensure the sustainability of the center and encourage greater ownership by the community itself and its youth.

You can follow closely the workshops carried out via this link where we will post photos and the conclusions arising from them! And if you have ideas to be developed in the workshops do not hesitate to propose them! We encourage you to do so and send us an email.

To propose ideas about the workshops send us an email to Hahatay Coordination: