The sustainability and follow-up of the project are given by the NGO ¨Hahatay son risas de Gandiol¨, founded in Gandiol, the town where the center will be located and where Nerea worked for more than 3 years.

In recent years, through the summer and winter camps with volunteers from Spain and other parts of Senegal, as well as with the youth of Gandiol, the NGO has set up a field beside the primary school of Pilote Barre, where it has also constructed a children’s playground and a preschool classroom, mainly with recycled materials.

In the field of non-formal education, Hahatay works since 2012 in the promotion of healthy and enriching leisure and free time among children and youth, for example by organising camps twice a year during holidays. Here they work with transversal values such as multiculturalism, caring for the environment, conflict resolution and gender equality.

The NGO is creating a youth section which will be motivated to take part in this project as well as other stakeholders, seeking the appropriation by the community and the future sustainability of the project.